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What features should be included in a catalogue of open government data?

Posted on: 27 July 2009

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: What features should be included in a catalogue of open government data?


1 Response to "What features should be included in a catalogue of open government data?"

Everything that can be should be available, to the extent that it cannot be misused. I write about this in several blog posts, where I explain how the approach would reform health care, protect our privacy, allow us to tax the underground economy, and lots of other stuff. The idea is basically to create something akin to the environment provided by an iPhone, where we can pick and choose from software that has access to enough data to function as effective health advocates, smarter shoppers, personal assistants, coaches, etc. The goal is to provide a common safe interface to all information that might be helpful to people.

I also go into how it might also be used to create an income stream for people willing to sell access to their data. (Presumably doing research, and know they don’t have the facts necessary to abuse it.)

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Focus is on reviewing, analysing state hacks. Bits of code, procedures, whatever fits. The State was designed as a compromise between the rising aspirations of various groups and the monarchs. It was not designed for a wider, and definitely not for participatory, nor direct, democracy. Now we have the tools to do so. No need to start from scratch though: state hacking time.



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