State Hacks

Drafting a new Portugese constitution on a Wiki

Posted on: 22 July 2009

Haaretz reports: ‘Amateur legislators with internet connections and good Portuguese are invited to draft Portugal a new constitution, as part of a new experiment encouraging Web users to edit the document as if it were a Wikipedia entry. . . . The initiative, called Constituicao 2.0, was announced last Saturday by the Institute for Portuguese Democracy, a Lisbon-based political, nonpartisan think tank that uses interactive activities to increase people’s involvement in government.’  The wiki itself is here.


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Focus is on reviewing, analysing state hacks. Bits of code, procedures, whatever fits. The State was designed as a compromise between the rising aspirations of various groups and the monarchs. It was not designed for a wider, and definitely not for participatory, nor direct, democracy. Now we have the tools to do so. No need to start from scratch though: state hacking time.



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